Thursday, April 28, 2011

First Communion

A sweet friend/co-worker asked me to make cookies for her daughter's first communion this weekend. I remember making mine with one of my friends, many years ago. I know how special of a time this is and was so happy to get to share in this day. Congrats Sarah and thanks Amie!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Overload

This weekend my kitchen counters were completely packed with cookies! Over 100 "itty bittys" and another 100 regular sized. I had mini crosses, eggs and carrots which turned out to be bite sized fun and then everything from eggs to crosses to bunnies to chicks and then some other spring things. I loved getting to use all of the bright colors and once all of these cookies were packaged up everything looked great. This was a labor of love and a BIG thanks to my mom and hubby who managed to entertain the kiddos to give me the time to get these done!

Minis: (hard to tell the size, but they are about an inch wide by an inch or so tall---perfect little poppers!)

Easter Crosses:

Eggs with a baby chick in the egg for fun

What is Easter without a bunny or a chick?

Spring time flowers

Sunday, April 17, 2011

One fish, TWO fish

I LOVED making these fun, colorful, vibrant fish! All of these were for Ms. Harper's 2nd Birthday. Her sweet aunt, and good friend, requested "fish" for the celebration and I am so glad she did. I think these are close to the top of my favorite creations because they were so simple, but fun. Thanks again Erin for letting me do these.

Tea Time

I was asked to make Teapot cookies for a special Tea Party for a customer's grandchild. I thought it was a precious theme and really appreciate you asking me to do this for you, thanks Virginia!